James Brindley: The First Canal Builder


A biography of the unsung hero who united a kingdom and lit the spark that ignited the industrial revolution.

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Subject: Waterways

James Brindley: The First Canal Builder

It can be said of few men that without them the course of their nation’s history would have been very different.  James Brindley is one such man, and yet his story is hardly known.  Written for anyone with an interest in what made Britain Great, this book tells how, through sheer force of personality and bloody-mindedness, one man provided the spark that ignited the Industrial Revolution and set Britain on course to become the world’s first modern superpower. 

"A cracking read." - John Pilgrim, BBC 3 Counties Radio

"Eminently readable .. an interesting addition to the literature about Brindley" - Waterways World

"This biography, with colour illustrations, offers a well-rounded and thoroughly researched account of the man, from his humble beginnings to becoming a giant of British transport." - Four Shires


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