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  • Getting Afloat

    Getting Afloat

    An introductory guide to those thinking of buying a canal boat for the first time - whether to buy new or secondhand, the costs involved and other practicalities.

  • Going With The Flow

    Going With The Flow

    An article on the pleasures of waterside walking published in the Magazine of the Ramblers Association.

  • Golden Days

    Golden Days

    A look back to the day when Watford FC reached the Final of the FA Cup in May 1984 from a fan's perspective.

  • Golden Daze

    Golden Daze

    Twenty five years ago in May 1984, wearing incredibly tight shorts and the occasional ridiculous haircut, a football team from Watford stepped out onto the manicured turf of the old Wembley stadium in the FA Cup Final.  As they took to the field they seemed to symbolise changing times, maybe even of revolution.  Was the country going to the dogs or the Isle of Dogs?  Thatcher was about to take on Scargill and Watford, the unfashionable new kids on the block, were taking on the big boys.

  • Gone In A Flash

    Gone In A Flash

    In which Nick fails to lament the possible passing of speed cameras.

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