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  • Living Aboard

    Living Aboard

    A practical guide offering advice on all aspects of living on board a boat, of value to the 15,000 people in the UK who do so already and the many tens of thousands more who at any one time are contemplating it.  Due for publication in 2008, this will be another in the Tempus Towpath series and will be co-authored with Allan Ford, with whom Nick wrote the highly successful 'Riding the Wall of Death', also with Tempus.

  • London Comes To Bucks

    London Comes To Bucks

    Some thoughts on Burnham Beeches outside Farnham Common and how they came to be owned by the Corporation of London, featuring a local walk.

  • Looping the Loop in Hadley Wood

    Looping the Loop in Hadley Wood

    A consideration of the position of the exclusive village of Hadley Wood - just inside the M25 and just outside the London Loop walk.




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