This website is an online resource point for the writings of Nick Corble, author of 17 books and 100+ articles for magazines and national newspapers. Nick's back catalogue includes non-fiction travel guides covering the waterways and walking, as well as travelogues and social histories for publishers such as Countryside Books, The History Press and Amberley Publishing. More recently, Nick has focused more on fiction. His first novel 'Golden Daze' received excellent reviews and is also available as an e-book. Use this site to browse, Nick's Library, catch up on his latest musings and buy books.


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  • Nov 11

    Reflections On The Publication Of A Landmark Book

    I’ve just received notification that my latest book is now officially published. Although the book itself, as it’s title suggests, might be one for the enthusiast, (it’s called A History of Fairground Transport: From Horses to Artics), it nevertheless represents something of a personal landmark, for this book is my twentieth in almost as many years. It’s been an up and down journey, and looking back it’s interesting to reflect how the huge changes that have taken place in publishing over the past two decades act might be seen as a bellweather for wider changes that have taken place in society, technology and consumer behaviour over that time.

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