This website is an online resource point for the writings of Nick Corble, author of 17 books and 100+ articles for magazines and national newspapers. Nick's back catalogue includes non-fiction travel guides covering the waterways and walking, as well as travelogues and social histories for publishers such as Countryside Books, The History Press and Amberley Publishing. More recently, Nick has focused more on fiction. His first novel 'Golden Daze' received excellent reviews and is also available as an e-book. Use this site to browse, Nick's Library, catch up on his latest musings and buy books.


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  • Jun 28

    A System Not Fit For Purpose?

    Now the dust has settled on the results of the EU referendum, one unambiguous conclusion seems to be that we are split fairly evenly as a nation. We are not alone in this of course, a similar phenomenon has riven US politics for the last decade at least, and recent election results in France, to offer but one other example, have echoed this. Something is going on.

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