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On leaving school, the Class of ’77 instigate annual dinners to keep their perceived sense of uniqueness alive. After the shock death of their talisman they take things a step further – they create The Bond.

Regular subs paid into a pot will ensure that eventually, when there’s only one of them left, that person will have the means to keep their flame alive forever. Death may be inevitable, but for now, it can be side-stepped.

Except, it seems, it can’t. A series of freak accidents starts chipping away at their number. They are all flawed, but one of them fatally so: a murderer. Suddenly, becoming the last man standing becomes an awful possibility – but simply coping with life, work and getting older cultivates a sense of denial.

It takes the return of a lost sheep with fresh eyes to spot what’s happening … but has he arrived too late, and is he too feckless to prevent the final reckoning being planned for them all?

Published: Oct 08 2018

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