• Aug 28

    A Challenge to the Ice Bucket Challenge

    Giving to charity is an intensely private thing.  Personally, I choose to have a number of causes I am happy to support on a regular and systematic basis, building a relationship with these causes and the people behind them, and a sense that over time my modest donations make a sustainable difference.  I’m not totally indifferent to the occasional pull on my conscience, so these various direct debits and CAF* payments are topped up by random acts of generosity too.

  • Jul 25

    Amazon Reviews: A Lesson Learned

    A little under a year ago I embarked upon an experiment.  I took advantage of a service offered by Amazon to convert my very first book into an e-format and published said book as available for Kindle users.  The book had been written fifteen years previously and described the purchase of a battered old narrowboat and a subsequent journey down the UK’s inland waterways system on the eve of the millennium.  It was a ‘warts and all’ story, highly personal and with no pretensions to offering an expert opinion, aspects made clear in the marketing and throughout.  In fact, the style of the book was if anything self-deprecating, or so I thought.

  • Jul 09

    New Walks for iFootpath app

    I've been busy adding some more walks to the excellent iFootpath app (, all around the Norfolk Broads.

    This one:, features Potter Heigham, while the clue's in the title for this one:, Horsey: Windmills, Dunes and Seals 

    I thoroughly recommend this app, which now has nearly 500 free walks (once you've forked out a misery sum for the app itself).

  • Jun 16

    Whatever happened to Beaky, Mick and Titch?

    Dave Dee, alas, is no longer with us, but I know where Dozy is, and he’s very much alive.  In fact, he’s everywhere!  Wandering about on the pavement, driving the car in front of me, standing looking gormless by the tube doors, ambling through shopping centres, waiting to pay in the supermarket.  

  • Apr 01

    Why Slavish Sloganising Does No Favours to Those Wanting to Save The NHS

    “The NHS in its current form is unsustainable”.

    Not my words, but those of the outgoing chief of that venerated institution, Sir David Nicholson in a recent speech.  The NHS is faced with multiple challenges including new technologies, better informed patients (or perhaps, or accurately, patients with more information), a heavily indebted economy and, of course, the Daddy of them all, unstoppable demographic changes … I could go on.  Add all these up and it is inevitable that the current model of healthcare delivery in the UK, a model that has really changed very little in half a century, certainly compared to changes in other fields, will have to change, and change big.


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