• Jan 22

    God Bless the PLR!

    What a nice surprise to find an email from the Public Lending Right in my inbox this morning.  This is one of the best things about being an author, the occasional unsolicited happenstance of evidence that someone is actually reading your work.

  • Jan 06

    Are We Really Doomed To Four More Months of This?

    So, the firing gun has been sounded and apparently we are in for a four month election campaign.  If that is the case, it hasn’t started well.  If, as it appears, we are to be condemned to the usual salvo of soundbites and empty promises it’ll be a wonder if anyone will be able to rouse themselves to vote come May.

  • Nov 12

    Play the Piano!

    Playing the Piano, a new Kindle short story, is now available from Amazon, all for the price equivalent of a few sips of coffee.  It's a lighthearted tale of self-discovery based upon the Marylebone Piano, aimed to provide a smile on the faces of those facing a rail journey home from work.

  • Oct 31

    None of the Above

    If the Scottish referendum and the rise of UKIP and the Greens is telling us anything, it’s that the people are fed up with ‘politics as usual’.  This is not a new thing, turnout in elections has been on a steady downward curve for years.  Add to this a growing sense that the young in particular, but by no means exclusively, seem to have disengaged with politics – and who can blame them as our representatives cascade towards the centre, dodge the difficult questions and speak in soundbites? – and the system as it stands is in trouble.

  • Sep 12

    How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Like Amazon

    As we all know by now, Amazon is a pernicious influence on modern society.  Not content with taking all the fun (?) and spontaneity out of Christmas shopping, it also intends to send flocks of drones over us like Hitchcockian birds and generally to rule over every aspect of our lives.


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