• Mar 30

    'Getting' Customer Service

    It’s odd how some organisations seem to ‘get’ good customer service, whilst others seem stuck in some kind of parallel universe where we’re supposed to feel grateful that they’ve deigned to deal with us.  Largely, this is a mindset, a genuine appreciation that having happy customers is a sine qua non of staying in business.  Where this mindset exists, organisations seem capable of understanding the customer’s expectations and of designing their systems to satisfy those expectations, and even of exceeding them.  In other words, the whole set up is truly customer-focused.  Where this mindset doesn’t exist (or exists in name only, possibly in the form of some vacuous mission statement), the opposite is true. 

  • Mar 22

    The Dangers of 'Bubble Britain'

    Picture the scene: you’re walking along on the pavement on your way to somewhere, when suddenly you realise you’re participating in a slalom event, weaving your way between other people with their head down, staring at a small screen, possibly texting or sorting out their Spotify, with none of them aware of your presence until the last second, when they suddenly course-correct.  Heaven forefend that you should then brush shoulders with said individual, as you will get, at best, a stare, at worst actual abuse; as if you were at fault for invading their bubble of private space.

  • Mar 02

    Living Life In Technicolor

    Life is complicated.  It’s such a truism that we take it for granted, right?  Odd then, that discussion on the important issues of the day: whether or not to stay in the EU, the future of the NHS, the next President of the USA, tends to boil down into the simplistic.  Are we, as supposedly sophisticated post-industrial, intelligent beings, incapable of having a proper debate?  Is it all the media’s fault?  Or is it that we’re just more comfortable in the straightforward, the soothing rhetoric of out of date allegiances and the catchphrases of tired party politics?

  • Feb 10

    Two new titles commissioned

    Just received the good news that I've had two new titles commissioned, one for publication later this year and another for early next year, both history titles looking at aspects of fairground history #excited

  • Feb 04

    Do Our Banks Actually Care Anymore?

    In the last few days two of our main High Street banks have been in the news.  In one case they announced they are putting aside a further (a further?) £500 million for PPI claims, and another had been fined £48m for so-called ‘Dark Pool’ trading.  What makes these headlines remarkable is that they aren’t remarkable at all – in fact, we’ve got so used to these sorts of headlines that they barely register anymore.  Given that the banks seem to be so careless with such large sums of money, you’d think they’d be taking extra special care to look after the smaller sums wouldn’t you?  After all, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.


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