• Nov 11

    Reflections On The Publication Of A Landmark Book

    I’ve just received notification that my latest book is now officially published. Although the book itself, as it’s title suggests, might be one for the enthusiast, (it’s called A History of Fairground Transport: From Horses to Artics), it nevertheless represents something of a personal landmark, for this book is my twentieth in almost as many years. It’s been an up and down journey, and looking back it’s interesting to reflect how the huge changes that have taken place in publishing over the past two decades act might be seen as a bellweather for wider changes that have taken place in society, technology and consumer behaviour over that time.

  • Jun 28

    A System Not Fit For Purpose?

    Now the dust has settled on the results of the EU referendum, one unambiguous conclusion seems to be that we are split fairly evenly as a nation. We are not alone in this of course, a similar phenomenon has riven US politics for the last decade at least, and recent election results in France, to offer but one other example, have echoed this. Something is going on.

  • May 10

    From Vanity to Sanity?

    There’s a lot of talk in business circles of so-called ‘industry disrupters’, businesses who have harnessed the power of the internet to turn an established industry on its head. The classic examples usually trotted out usually include Uber, and the impact it’s had on traditional taxis, or Airbnb, and how it is challenging the hotel trade. I have an interest in the book world, and this industry can probably boast one of the granddaddy of disrupters, Amazon, which has redefined book buying (around half of all books are now bought online), and a lot else besides, including TV.

  • May 10

    Where Have All My Royalties Gone?

    The most dangerous assumption any of us can make in these times of rapid internet-driven change, is to assume that things will stay the same. Around the turn of the millennium we all began to understand the power of the internet to turn established industries and practices on their head, and we got used to saying goodbye to how things used to be done and, consumers and producers alike, had to learn new ways.

  • Apr 07

    Two Revised Editions On Their Way

    Revised editions of two of my best selling books, both published by Amerberly Publishing, are due out soon.


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