• Sep 09

    Not My Fault Gov

    An unusual thing happened the other day.  A politician got up on her feet in the House of Commons and apologised.  No, she hadn’t committed any kind of personal misdemeanour, she was apologising for a failure in policy.  ‘I’m sorry’, she said, ‘we got it wrong.  We have listened to the people and have decided to withdraw’, or words to that effect.

  • Sep 09

    It's ...

    Most of us have heard of Monty Python, but how many remember the opening sequence?  Usually sitting behind a news desk, John Cleese would announce ‘And now …’ before a gloriously bearded old man (Terry Jones I think) would appear for a second and utter the single word ‘It’s’ before the voiceover would add ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ and the familiar martial signature tune would strike up.  Much would be conveyed in that ‘It’s’, a sense of anticipation, that something good was coming.  What was less obvious was the potential for anger and annoyance such a simple word can carry.  


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