• Nov 06

    See the light

    Remember when lightbulbs were the most straight-forward of things?  Not any more, the thought police have decreed that they need to become yet another annoyance of modern life ...

  • Oct 14

    The Hardest Word

    Oh! To be a standup comedian.  You could put a whole routine together in the time it takes to get served in a Post Office these days, and you wouldn't be short of inspiration for material either.  Any sense of humour in the situation is likely to evaporate however as the realisation slowly dawns that the reason you're being made to stand in line is almost enitrely of the Post Office's own making.


  • Sep 29

    What I'm Reading Now

    The Hare With The Amber Eyes by Edmund de Waal - a biography of a work of art, an unpromising premise, but strangely involving.

  • Sep 22

    Sneak preview of new book cover

    The front cover of Nick's next book The Narrowboat Story, due out in Spring 2012 from The History Press has now been approved.  Here's a sneak preview:

  • Sep 19

    Walks, Talks and ...

    I’ve just come back from New York, the city that never sleeps – or stops talking as it turns out.  Everywhere I went people seemed to be talking, most of them to themselves.  Closer examination showed that they weren’t talking to themselves of course, but to someone else, on a mobile phone; that or they were tweeting, texting or updating their Facebook page.  Fair enough, the only problem was most of them were doing these things while walking down the sidewalk, sorry, pavement.


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