• Feb 24

    Derbyshire's Unsung Son

    New article now up on Peak District Online on James Brindley.  Click 'Read More'

  • Feb 19

    I See You!

    Now, I’m not paranoid but do you ever get the feeling someone’s watching you?  Much has been made of the surveillance society in recent years and with good reason.  Did you know there are well over four million public CCTV cameras in our country?  That’s one for every fifteen people, and that typically we get picked up by some kind of camera over 100, and maybe even as much as 300, times a day.  Frightening stuff, and it doesn’t stop there.  There are over 6,000 speed cameras on our roads and that doesn’t include the number plate recognition cameras in petrol station forecourts, on the edge of the Congestion Zone and elsewhere.  In fact, there are so many cameras watching over us that we’ve almost become used to them.  And that's a BAD THING!

  • Jan 21

    Value not Volume

    Two items from the same newspaper recently highlight a growing issue for our recently pampered universities and suggest we could be on the verge of a sea-change in how higher education is viewed and operates.

  • Dec 15

    Too big To Fail

    Watching the daily revelations coming out of the Leveson Enquiry on the press it’s difficult to escape the image of an industry that had got totally out of control and carved itself a position where it felt itself inviolable, somehow above the rest of us, playing to its own rules.  Politicians were scared of it, most sensible thinking people were disgusted by it, but no one knew what to do about it.  It had grown into a problem too big to solve.

  • Nov 15

    Challenge the Challenge

    At around this point in the school year unwary parents need to be on the lookout for a fresh type of nuisance targeting their children.  Young, fresh and keen, they rival the Mormons for their sincerity, enthusiasm and promises of paradise to come.  They are the new breed of school trip organisers.


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