• Aug 24

    Cloudy With A Chance of Something

    A short while back the good folk at Weather Forecasting Central predicted the now infamous ‘Barbeque Summer’, and I think we all know what came next.  As a result, it was suggested that they may want to stop the whole long range forecasting malarkey and stick to the day job.  This they did, but have they gone from one extreme to the other?

  • Aug 06

    Next instalment of Thames Path trek now available

    The second in a series of twelve articles covering a trek along the Thames Path, published in September's Canals, Rivers and Boats magazine is now available.

  • Jul 09

    Two on the Towpath

    The first of a twelve part, highly illustrated series written by Nick, following the Thames from Sea to Source, starts in the August edition of Canals Rivers and Boats Magazine.  To see the first section, covering the stretch from the Thames Barrier to Chelsea, click here

  • Jun 24

    Feeling Disenfranchised

    In the 2012 Reith lectures, Professor Niall Ferguson sets out an eloquent case for how access to legal services has diminished in recent years in favour of a system that works to sustain itself rather than working for the people, and how this is a symptom of a wider decline in the institutions that we take for granted at our peril.

  • Apr 30

    New Canal Book now out!

    Nick's latest canal-based tome has now been published.


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