• Jan 10

    Latest instalment of Thames Path series now available

    This latest article, published in 'Canals, Rivers and Boats' (Feb 2013) covers the section from Benson to Abingdon and covers 11 miles.

  • Dec 11

    Halfway Point Reached in Thames Towpath Series

    The sixth installment of Nick's series in 'Canals Rivers and Boats' magazine covering a trek from sea to source along the course of the Thames is out now.  It covers the section from Reading to Benson, a total of 20 miles.

  • Dec 03

    How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Print And To Love E-Publishing*

    * With apologies to Dr. Strangelove.

    About ten years ago I started offering articles to specialist and lifestyle glossy magazines and I was quite successful, getting anywhere between ten to fifteen articles accepted per year.  I didn’t do it for the money, which was poor, indeed on some occasions there was an assumption that I was putting my time in for love of the magazine, until I made it clear to editors that like them, I too had to eat.  My motivations were mixed.  It felt good to see your name in print, so vanity was in there, while sometimes my aim was to publicise a book I’d written. 


  • Nov 26

    Latest installment of Thames Path series now published

    The fifth of twelve articles covering the Thames Path from Sea to Source has been published in December's Canals, Rivers and Boats.  Click here for more details.

  • Oct 31

    Two Bald Men Fighting Over A Comb

    There’s been a fair bit of publicity recently about the proposed Random House/Penguin merger, with both The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph throwing in their two-pennyworth.  No one quite seems to know whether this is a good or bad thing, although there seems to be a consensus that if it squeezes News International out of the picture then this might swing it into the ‘good’ camp.


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