• Mar 29

    New Walks Added to iFootpath site

    I've recently discovered the clever iFootpath website and app and have begun to add walks to their library - some old and some new, but generally making them available for others to enjoy.  Now, all we need is a bit of sunshine and a rid to this miserable cold weather!

  • Mar 07

    Spam, Spam, Spam, Spat?

    It’s one of those weird 'I thought it might be so, but didn’t think it could be' things, but the origin of the word ‘spam’ to describe unsolicited email is, according to Wikipedia at least, ascribed to the Monty Python sketch featuring the eponymous tinned meat.  In the sketch, the word’ Spam’ is sung continuously whenever someone tries to order something in a restaurant, thereby drowning out all conversation.  Even if it’s apocryphal, the explanation sounds good enough to be true.

  • Feb 19

    Getting the Basics Right

    I don’t know if it’s still popular, but in the early days of PCs there was a game called SimCity in which players ‘built’ a city from scratch, allocating resources as required to match need and changing circumstances.  A key starting point was to get the most basic infrastructure right and a critical lesson was that failure to maintain this infrastructure usually resulted in random catastrophes or, at worst, a giant monster emerging from over the horizon.

  • Feb 15

    Lies, Damned Lies and Horsemeat

    The recent scandal about horsemeat masquerading as beef has proved a Godsend to stand up comedians and tweeters, but joking apart, the whole affair raises a number of serious questions that say a lot about how the supermarkets have over-reached themselves, and about how the trust they think we have in them may be a mirage.

  • Feb 13

    Latest instalment of Thames Path trip now available

    The eighth of a twelve part series covering the Thames Path from Sea to Source is published in March's Canals, Rivers and Boats magazine.


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