• Mar 18

    Ebooks - The Past Becomes the Future ...

    I must admit I was an ebook doubter, but experience is making me rethink this.  As an experiment late last year I converted my first book Walking on Water to make it available on Kindle (only).  Since then, a book that was 14 years old and done all it was going to do for me has suddenly started to shift 50 copies a month. Okay, not a lot in financial terms, but better than nothing, and constant - for a one off effort I get a direct transfer into my bank account every month and can check the status of sales on a daily basis (if I was that sad, which sometimes I am).

    Emboldened, I have instructed the publisher of my novel Golden Daze to halve the price of the ebook to £1.90  as an experiment to see what happens.   I will report back ....



  • Feb 25

    Why The Doctors Are Wrong About Data

    There’s been something of a furore here in the UK around plans to gather aggregated data from primary care in order to analyse trends and see if we might not see if there might be more intelligent ways of thinking about how we tackle both long term conditions as well as individual diseases.  How reasonable has this debate been?

  • Jan 22

    Eyes Wide Open - Why Going to University Isn't A No-Brainer

    Here's a link to a controversial piece I've penned for business I'm involved in:

  • Sep 10

    After a long hiatus ...

    ... two new walks added to the walking website, both in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

  • Jul 30

    Bin Collection

    Last month I wrote about my disappearing bin and the service I received from my local council in getting a replacement.  Looks like it was a case of be careful what you wish for, as today we received a leaflet from the self-same body informing us of changes to our refuse collection service, and boy have they gone to town.


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Why not try an e-book?

Walking on Water available for a measly £1.99 on Amazon 

Golden Daze available for £2.49, also on Amazon

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