• Jul 22

    New short story available on Kindle

    A little diversion for anyone who's ever got frustrated with supermarket self-service checkouts, now available for Kindle via Amazon. Click here for more details.






  • Jun 13

    Back to Front

     ‘That would be great, but it’ll never happen' – a phrase often used when radical or innovative ideas are put forward. It is of course the naysayers standard response to something they find too difficult or uncomfortable to get their head around. And yet, look at the evidence.

  • May 25

    'Towpath Talk' Reviews A Beginners Guide To Living on the Waterways

    A Review in June's 'Towpath Talk' highlights the practical emphasis in 'A Beginners Guide To Living on the Waterways', highlighting that it 'is a useful attempt to get the potential user considering if they will suit the lifestyle', and that this is something most similar books fail to do.

  • May 12


    Thanks to Alex Lester at BBC Radio Oxford for the interview (see picture below)

  • May 08

    Ask Not Tell


    If the election of a new French president tells us anything – other than the French are capable of living in the 21st century (smiley face) – it’s that there is another way of doing politics, and it’s a lesson that the British system could learn a lot from as we are asked to go to our own polls once again.


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