Biography of Nick Corble

Perhaps known for his writing on the UK's inland waterways, Nick's work shows versatility, spanning a variety of leisure non-fiction subjects, ranging from his successful canal travelogue Walking on Water through a biography of the civil engineer James Brindley to a history of the fairground motorbike attraction 'The Wall of Death'. In addition, he has a catalogue of walking books, published by Countryside Books, as well as a library of local interest and waterways-related images. More recently, Nick has also turned his hand to fiction, with his first novel Golden Daze, published in November 2008 by Matador Books. His second novel is complete and is currently going through the publishing mill.

Nick also also written for national and regional titles ranging from The Times through county magazines to the consumer press, including Walk Magazine, official journal of the Ramblers Association and Cycle Magazine and county lifestyle magazines. He has also featured on both BBC TV and radio, with the latter including examples of his shorter fiction.

Nick's style has been described by reviewers as 'quirky', 'highly accessible' and 'humourous, without being silly'. He manages to put over information in a highly readable way and delights in unearthing the unusual.

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